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That is our mission. As experts in the field of precision coatings, we go far beyond expectations. Customised to your individual needs, we develop the perfectly designed coating for every component. We strive to be a reliable partner both before and after coating, and offer optimal solutions for your processes.

For decades, CCT has served as a reliable partner in the surface technology sector, both before and after coating.

Our in-house research and development department maintains ongoing discussions with our customers, and develops practical solutions for every component. We develop custom-tailored coatings alongside our customers or universities in our own laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment.

CCT offers specialised expertise in the area of chemical nickel and electroless nickel-dispersion plating, as well as other functional coatings based on chemical or electrochemical processes.

We finish surfaces for you with functional properties, for increased wear protection, enhancing friction, reducing friction, and corrosion protection.

CCT not only develops and sells electroless nickel plating systems, but also plans systems for electroless nickel plating, dispersion coating and chemical deburring.

In addition, we offer all relevant upstream and downstream services related to coating, such as filling, packaging, quality testing and storage and logistics.

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